St. Patrick Catholic Community

Scottsdale, Arizona

The tabernacle is designed to reflect the sense of the Tree of Life. Within the carved mahogany center, you can see through to a copper tabernacle. The maple arms that reach to the skylight above, a symbol of Christ risen,embraces etched glass leaves, a symbol of the healing of nations.

The skylight above, which includes crystal bevels, reflects onto the walls, a type of crown of thorns. He crystal bevels themselves, being in the shape crosses, our life reconciled. The greens of the skylight, the color of regular time in the church calendar, reflection the etched leaves (the life of the church.) The round altar is made of solid Honduras mahogany. Three angels suggest Trinity.

The stained glass window includes a copper corpus laid upon a copper tree, which was also designed and fabricated by Hogan Studios.

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