Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Birmingham, Alabama

These two faceted stained glass windows measure 8 feet x 28 ft. The faceted window to the left depicts the Old Testament concept of the Burning Bush, with a ray coming from Heaven containing manna. Light sweeps to the left with a type of quail. Below is the Torah and the tablets of law, also a rock with water coming from it, representing Christ the Living Water.

The faceted window to the right is the Holy Spirit faceted stained glass window depicting the descent of the dove, with a ray behind it including wheat, the bread of life, manna from Heaven. Light sweeps to the right with the musical notes of Amazing Grace, the words of the fruit of the Spirit, an open bible, the Alpha Omega.

The inspiration for this design was the concept of the Rose of Sharon. It welcomes the community into a beautiful rosette; the blues of creation, the reds of love, with a subtle weaving of the soft golds of God’s glory.

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