Our Savior Lutheran Ministries

Livermore, California

The circle within this design is a symbol of our community in Christ Jesus. The cobalt blues that surround the circle are the colors of the Creation, the presence of the Father. There is a suggestion of a dove descending from right to left, done in white and drapery glasses; the dove being the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The whites are a reflection of sanctification. There is a cross that is in motion, recalling the scripture that we take up our cross in Christ.

It’s base is submerged in horizontal lines of aquamarine, a call to our baptism and the golden hues of anointing. The branches and leaves a type of Tree of Life. Some of the leaves done in crystal jewels, proclaiming our new Creation in Christ. This design calls us to prayer in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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